An unforgettable experience

An unforgettable experience

 Mount Scenery, reaching over 877 m, invites people to conquer its summit, the highest point in the Kingdom of Netherlands. This hiking experience is a must for all that travel to Saba, offering a scenic view. In fact, through the route it is possible to see the most beautiful species of flora and fauna, as orchids, mahogany trees, “Black-eyed Susan” – the national flower, as well as colourful birds or snakes and it is easily understandable the reason for Saba’s nickname “The unspoiled queen”. Track is so well done. You enjoy in nature even not recognising that track is man made, So environment friendly, minimum concrete, but maximum of maintenance. Charming touch with nature. Average 90 minutes one-way track could be challenging task to reach but also to shorten. Certificate is also waiting lovers of the nature as souvenir for memorable experience.

The Saba Conservation Foundation is a non-profit nature management organization based in Saba. Their mission is to commit to the preservation and enhancement of the marine and terrestrial environment on Saba through education, scientific research, monitoring and enforcement.

This organization will be most likely the winner of OCTA Innovation Small Innovation Project.

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