Waste management plant in Statia

Waste management plant in Statia

St Eustatius is a small island with around 3500 inhabitants. An island on the verge of major developments that has been pending for so long. One of these developments was gifted to the island in 2014. A basic waste facility was built to introduce recycling to the island. For various reasons this recycling facility was never opened for full implementation of recycling.

Today they are celebrating the fact that the facility is open and processing the waste collected from the households, businesses and government offices on a weekly regular schedule. The Dumpsite is being covered and transformed into a large storing area for certain types of waste streams.

Some of the streams they have are: Green glass, Clear glass, Brown glass, Pet plastic, Hdpe plastic, Ldpe Plastic, PP Plastic, E-waste, Electrical waste, Tires, Cardboard, Green waste, Aluminum cans, Tin cans, Metal, Batteries (Lead), Used oils, Construction waste, Clean Styrofoam, and Appliances.

All waste material is weighed at the bridge and registered in the system. Then they monitor the trend of the recycling success. This information should give them a focus point on the areas that needs attention.



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