Workshops & public-private partnerships

Workshops & public-private partnerships

We believe in workshops to enhance engagement of the stakeholders and to support dialogue consultations to bring public-private partnerships in the OCTs.

OCTA Innovation will financially support the innovation networking in the OCTs as a way to enhance engagement of the stakeholders and to support public-private partnerships.

The conditions for such support are:

  • OCTs must organize an event by themselves and support any related costs by themselves.
  • OCTs need to inform OCTA Innovation with the list of participants, photos, videos, press releases, etc.
  • On the base of the success of this first round of networking innovation events, the best and second best will be recognized.
  • The next round of networking innovation events will be financially supported.
  • After the second round events take place, costs of the catering will be paid upon receiving invoice from the service provider. Maximum amount of the costs to be supported is 500 € per OCT for 18 OCTs, one time 1000€, one time 1500€ for the best and second best OCT in the second round.

We are looking forward to receiving news from your innovation events!

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