World Bank: Innovation Policy for Competitiveness

World Bank: Innovation Policy for Competitiveness

We are very welcoming possibility of having synergy with the World Bank Group via cooperation with Mr. Justin Hill, Senior Private Sector Specialist, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We should exchange information including existing best practices in:

  • entrepreneurship incubation,
  • SME upgrading services and capabilities,
  • digital solutions (e.g. online mentoring, networks etc.) addressing barriers,
  • industries common across many of these countries and territories (e.g. agribusiness, tourism, off grid renewables).

Especial attention we should pay to building eventual regional cooperation in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs world wide or particularly regional cooperation in Caribbean region with countries such as Suriname were World Bank Group is active in these areas.

We recommend you read World Bank Group article on the (pdf) Innovation Policy for Competitiveness

Or visit World Bank site for Innovation policies

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